Collaging for the Soul with CHDC 46th Street

On February 16, 2018, tenants and staff created collages to express their dreams and desires at Clinton Housing 46th Street in New York City. Using clipped images and text, they arranged compositions on stretched canvas showing heartfelt inspiration and aspirations for travel, love, family, success, and connection. Each artist spoke about the work they created and what it felt like to spend time composing their collage. Most agreed it was relaxing and that they felt uplifted. Everyone looked at their self in selfie mode on a phone and spoke kind words into their own eyes. Thank you Cultivate HKNY for sponsoring this workshop series!

Affirmation Paintings with CHDC 46th Street

In this Arts & Dreams workshop, everyone painted something hopeful and uplifting to inspire more kindness to self. We talked about how it feels to use kinder words when we think and talk about ourselves. Affirmations are positive declarations that can help soothe the unconscious stream of unkind chatter. We used acrylic paints and sharpies on stretched canvas, and each artist expressed how it felt to take time out to sit and paint. We also practiced saying loving words while looking into our eyes.

Thank you Cultivate HKNY for hosting this series of empowering art workshops with residents of Hell's Kitchen in New York.

Skype with Enfield Elementary

Thank you 4th graders at Enfield Elementary for having a Skype to talk about Rose's Summer of Arts & Dreams. The level of participation was inspiring! So many thoughtful questions about the process of writing and illustrating a book, and so much opening up about our dreams, ideas, what we like about ourselves, and how we use our creativity to lift us up. Thank you Maureen Gilroy for setting up this special virtual visit, and thanks to the PTA for buying a copy of the Arts & Dreams book for each 4th grade student. High fives!


Dreamscape Painting with CHDC 53rd St

During this September 29, 2017 Arts & Dreams workshop at Clinton Housing 53rd Street, painter Alvaro Amejeiras created a dreamscape painting. Drawing his inspiration from Native Americans, Alvaro began his work on canvas using acrylic paints, pencil and permanent marker. With plans to complete his dreamscape during our next workshop, check out the pics to see Alvaro transport himself into a new land and bring a dreamy vision to life. Thank you Cultivate HKNY for making this workshop series possible!

Gratitude Journals at CHDC 42nd Street

How do you paint gratitude? At the September 8th Arts & Dreams workshop at W 42nd Street, artists mulled over their appreciation for the wonderful things in their lives as they painted. Everyone got a blank journal and created something uniquely beautiful and inspiring to them -- a special place to express thankfulness, hopes, fears, dreams and whatever else their heart desires. Thank you to CHDC and everyone at Cultivate Hell's Kitchen NY for another workshop in our series with Clinton Housing residents.

Rest in peace and power, Louise Hay

Rest in peace and power, Louise Hay. She went from a victim of childhood abandonment and abuse to a teacher of self-love, forgiveness and empowerment. Built an empire of empowerment.

Self-love author, educator, publisher. Louise's teachings about self-love, forgiveness and mirror work inspired the creation of Arts & Dreams. She was a miracle worker of empowerment.

A few years ago, Arts & Dreams received a grant from Louise's Hay Foundation. She supported healing in love and hope through making art. She supported Arts & Dreams workshops.

In 2016, the Arts & Dreams book for children, Rose's Summer of Arts & Dreams, was published by Balboa Press, a division of Louise's publishing company Hay House.

The idea that we can change ourselves, one loving thought and action at a time, by changing how we treat ourselves in our minds, is revolutionary. And it's and idea that is growing every day, throughout the world. 

What new world are we all creating because we choose to love ourselves, forgive ourselves and others, and treat ourselves kindly? Can't wait to find out. 

Thank you, dear Louise. "Life loves you."


Affirmation Paintings with CHDC/Clinton Housing 42nd St

With the lovely people at Clinton Housing 42nd Street, we explored the power of positive messages to self, personally selected and hand painted using acrylics on stretched canvas. Something so simple as an encouraging phrase, a collection of uplifting words, combined with the soothing action of applying paint, brought stress-relief and relaxation to carry into the next moment, and the next. Wonderful affirmation paintings. Thank you Cultivate Hell's Kitchen for making this workshop series possible.

Mixed Media Collage with Cultivate Hell's Kitchen / Clinton Housing

It was a beautiful June afternoon collaging dreamy images and applying acrylic paint and matte medium texture. In this week's part of a series of Arts & Dreams workshops with residents of Clinton Housing on 30th Street made possible by Cultivate Hell's Kitchen, we experienced the calming joy of working with layers of inspiring photos and phrases clipped from magazines, affixed in a pleasing composition onto stretched canvases. Collaging for the soul!

Gratitude Journals at Children's Museum of the Arts

It was wonderful to be invited back to Children's Museum of the Arts and participate in Family Day, an annual fundraiser. Arts & Dreams shared the gift of thankfulness with a Gratitude Journal station. Children and their parents created handmade journals, bound by rubber bands, and decorated them with glitter glue and markers. Inside we wrote down and drew pictures of things we are grateful for, and had a blast doing it.

PS 111's 5th Annual Mother Daughter Celebration

Wonderful morning at PS 111's 5th Annual Mother Daughter breakfast. We talked about growing up -- changes in our bodies and in our emotions. How to give ourselves the love we want. How to start speaking with more kindness to ourselves, and into a mirror. How to find and use our special talents. Everyone got a copy of "Rose's Summer of Arts & Dreams." We celebrated ourselves and our mothers for Mothers' Day. Such a pleasure to be a part of it! - Laura Baran, co-founder of Arts & Dreams

Tote bags: Expressive Fabric Painting with Cultivate Hell's Kitchen/Clinton Housing

With residents and staff of Clinton Housing, we expressed our dreams and hopes through painting on fabric tote bags. The key to painting on a canvas tote bag is to keep a cardboard insert inside the bag, directly underneath the painted area. We used kraft manilla folders and they worked great. Meaningful, inspired spring-and-Easter-themed creations emerged -- functional art that relays an uplifting message.