"Arts & Dreams is a wonderful program and I love seeing the students express themselves in such positive ways.Stephen Wilder, Principal, Passages Academy, NY

"Arts & Dreams was very therapeutic and fun. We can always use a boost and reminder that we are unique, beautiful and worth it." Danielle R., Student, Brooklyn College

"Wow! I think the Arts & Dreams experience was worthwhile for both me and my students. I want to thank you for a wonderful break from the usual school routine, and for the opportunity for the students to learn strategies (slow purposeful breathing, speaking affirmations, and painting) to relieve stress and to aid them in becoming their own best friends. I think you both are awesome, and I applaud you for the work you are doing! With Gratitude,"
Sandra DeMarco, Teacher, Divine Mercy Catholic Academy, NY

"Arts & Dreams rocked!! Please bring them back!"
"I would love to see Arts & Dreams for the teachers as well."
"I truly think Arts & Dreams is great for the kids."
Bronx Hope Social Workers and Reading Specialist, Passages Academy, NY

"I loved Arts & Dreams because I had fun painting and using my imagination. It helps relieve all the stress on paper." StudentPassages Academy, NY

"On behalf of NYP Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, thank you so much for bringing your wonderful Arts & Dreams program to not only our patients and families but our local school kids as well! I heard nothing but wonderful feedback and would love to schedule your group to come back in the future! We are so grateful." 
Ana Furnari, Special Events Manager, Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, NY

"Arts & Dreams taught us all how to think positive in small steps and to create beautiful, meaningful art
This program addressed the following American Association of School Librarians (AASL) standards: 1.1.2 Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning.
1.3.4 Contribute to the exchange of ideas within the learning community.
2.1.6 Use the writing process, media and visual literacy, and technology skills to create products that express new understandings.
2.2.4 Demonstrate personal productivity by completing products to express learning.
4.1.8 Use creative and artistic formats to express personal learning. 
Nine students and one staff filled out evaluations following the program. 100% of respondents said they were motivated or inspired by the presenters and would use this information in the future."
Anja Kennedy, School LibrarianPassages Academy, NY

"I am in love with your workshops!" Jessica Clunn, Teacher, The Scandinavian School of Jersey City, NJ

“So much love was created.” Jade Elias, Director of Programs, Red Hook Initiative, NY

"Really enjoyed Arts & Dreams. It was very relaxing and stress free. First time painting, I was nervous at the beginning, but they made me feel comfortable and confident with myself. I learned a lot about myself that I did not know about myself." Student, Passages Academy, NY

"I had the best time ever at Arts & Dreams. The affirmations were fun to learn about. Hopefully I can get my cousin to do this also. Her birthday is coming up and she loves painting. She also wants to be an artist. I showed her the picture of mine and she wanted to do at least 3 on her walls. Thank you so much for everything." BrandonGrade 8, Divine Mercy Catholic Academy, NY


"I wanted to let you know that the fourth grade teachers have started adding affirmations to their closing meeting at the end of the day with the kids. They also are passing a mirror around for the kids to look at themselves when they say their affirmations. Thank you!!"
Maureen Gilroy, Teacher-Librarian, Enfield Elementary, NY

"My favorite part of Arts & Dreams was that I was painting. I felt happy and proud of what I did."
AmandaGrade 6, Divine Mercy Catholic Academy, NY

"Arts & Dreams was so healing and filled with joy. And to paint with joy and ease made me feel like a kid again. Tonight's workshop was a great reminder on why we shouldn't give up on the world."
Nikki E. WalkerActor, NY

"Our students truly love your workshops."
Ma Lis Wendt, Treasurer, Literacy for Incarcerated Teens, NY

"I had a really wonderful time at Arts & Dreams and I'm so glad I came :) I loved the positive energy and mood that was created in the room. I left the workshop feeling awesome! I took so much more with me than a painting. I hope to see you again at an upcoming event! Thanks so much for your loving spirit and all that you give :)" Christina, NY

"I thought Arts & Dreams was great! I was a bit apprehensive that it was even applicable for me. I am NOT an artist :-) But when we started talking about making our affirmation paintings, I realized that I had been having doubts about the new career move which I have recently made. When I drew the words "I am creating a wonderful new career for myself" on my canvas, I realized that I had been trying too hard....that my new career is exactly what I should be doing, and I need to just relax and let it flow. I left the room feeling more confident in my decision, and less impatient about expecting immediate outcomes!" Dotti Cunningham, Chief Exploration Officer, globeDOTTIngTravel

"Arts & Dreams made me feel alive, uplifted my spirit." Allen P., Student, Brooklyn College

"One of the things I love about Arts & Dreams is that it doesn't matter how old you are or how talented you are with a paintbrush; anyone can benefit from painting an affirmation that makes you feel good about yourself. It's an amazing experience sharing your affirmation with friends, family or even strangers. Such a simple act of sharing your dreams with others not only brings you closer to your authentic self, but brings you closer to the people around you." 
Matt GreenArts & Dreams Facilitator

"The Arts & Dreams workshop was amazing. It's great to see two women so powerful, beautiful & smart helping others understand and realize their worth." Amanda V., Student, Brooklyn Collge

"I love this workshop. I expect everyone to come out to at least one of these Arts & Dreams events. It will make a difference in your life." Michelle R., Student, Brooklyn College

"When I had the honor of helping with Arts & Dreams, I never saw anyone leave without a smile. I’m so happy to be a part of something so wonderful." 
Zyambo Phillips, Arts & Dreams Facilitator

“I absolutely loved it and it was so profound that the little painting I did still inspires me til this day." Lisa Salas, NYC

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