Our Story

Arts & Dreams Co-founder Laura Baran with Jeff Baran

Arts & Dreams Co-founder Laura Baran with Jeff Baran

We are changing how we think and feel about ourselves through art and self-loving practices.

In Arts & Dreams workshops we make art that encourages us to feel worthy of dreaming big.

I have personal experience with depression and thoughts of suicide, and I lost my 20-year-old brother Jeff to suicide in 2000. In the note he left, Jeff wrote it wasn’t the depression that he couldn't take, it was hopelessness.

Affirmation paintings by Laura Baran

Affirmation paintings by Laura Baran

How can we expand hope?

During my healing process, I began using loving statements - affirmations - in the art I was making.

I placed these canvases around my apartment to be surrounded by kind, comforting words that made me feel good.

This changed me.

I want to empower people to connect to the hopefulness that can prevent suicide. To feel inspired with art and self-love. Every person has the ability to create, and to experience the healing act of making hopeful art.   Laura Baran

in 2009 ARTISTS AND FRIENDS Laura Baran and Patricia Geremia Co-Founded Arts & Dreams. 

Laura Baran is an award-winning professional artist and illustrator who earned a BFA with honors from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. 

Laura has years of private art teaching experience and has served on the Board of Directors for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's New York City Chapter. She lives in NYC with her husband and son.

Laura's art and illustration work is at www.laurabaran.com.

In 2016 Patricia Geremia resigned from Arts & Dreams to fully focus on her photography and travel to Italy. Check out Patricia's photos at www.patriciageremia.com.

We published an illustrated Arts & Dreams book!

Rose's Summer of Arts & Dreams is the story of aspiring young drummer from Brooklyn named Rose, who discovers she can use her creativity to change the way she feels about herself.

Written by Laura Baran and Patricia Geremia, with hand-painted illustrations by Laura based on Patricia’s photos. Proudly crowd-funded via Kickstarter. Ages 6 and up.

Available at Amazon 
Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press

8.5" x 8.5" perfect bound softcover, 30 pages Balboa Press 2016

8.5" x 8.5" perfect bound softcover, 30 pages
Balboa Press 2016