Creativity Is An Antidote When You Lose Hope

source: Parker J. Palmer
"When you lose hope, what’s the best antidote? Mine is creativity, the alchemy that takes a spirit-killing experience & transforms it into something life-giving. Creativity takes many forms, of course, depending on one’s gifts: planting a garden, making art, reaching out to someone in need, becoming a change agent. For me, it often means writing. What about you? Your answer might give hope to someone lost in the dark." -- Parker J. Palmer

My brother Jeff took his life when he was 20, and I feel that because I have been drawing all my life, it has strengthened me to feel connected and joyful even when things fell apart. I have used creativity to express my feelings and uplift my thoughts. Creativity nourishes me. Art is a wonderful field where there are no rules and anyone can play with colors and shapes and inspire themselves to feel more alive. I created Arts & Dreams because in my life creativity was my antidote to hopelessness. -- Laura