Join us in Union Square Tomorrow for International Human Rights Day

What:    Parents for Occupy Wall Street March for human rights and against NYPD ‘bullying’
When:   Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011
              11:00 am G.A. (General Assembly) and arts and crafts
              12:30 pm Step-off to march downtown
              1:30 pm Arrival at Foley Sq.
              2:00 pm at City Hall Park (approximate times)
Where:  Union Square children's playground
              down Broadway to City Hall Park
Who:     New York parents and their children

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  photo by Mark Hamilton

Parents for Occupy Wall Street, a collective community of parents & organizations in support of Occupy Wall Street, will rally with their families at the Union Square children’s playground at 11am on Saturday, December 10th (The International Day of Human Rights). A children's GA and open-mic will take place where children and students of all ages can voice their concerns about problems within their communities, every child will be given the opportunity to speak.

During the GA there will be an arts and crafts session for the younger children and their parents to  decorate and personalize paper hearts. Arts & Dreams will be there to help with the painting!

There will be an Anti-Bullying theme and a march to hopefully deliver 5,000 paper hearts to City Hall, which the kids will be able to customize on the day, representing all those OWS who have been arrested.