Get Your Wellness On!

Arts & Dreams teamed up with other organizations dedicated to empowerment and health for the 3rd Annual Get Your Wellness On! in Washington Square Park, NYC, October 21, 2012.
Patricia Geremia (taker of gorgeous photos!) + Laura Baran (happy author of this blog) + You = Arts & Dreams!

Get Your Wellness On! founder Esmeralda Signore-Noble and organizer Melissa Beh put together a fun schedule that included a flash mob about kindness, music and dance performances, healing, meditation and laughing yoga. 
Esmeralda's 20 year old son Andrew took his life in 2009 and she created Get Your Wellness On! to promote health and positivity. We enjoyed gorgeous weather that matched our spirits. 
Happy to be back at Get Your Wellness On! for our second year, Arts & Dreams brought markers, pastels, colored pencils, stencils and stickers so that anyone passing through the park could make their own works of art to take home and beautify their souls, minds and bodies. 

We invited everyone to create something that felt loving, positive and fun. Louise Hay's affirmation cards were on hand to inspire ideas - they have great affirmations and pretty illustrations. Check out all the beautiful folks and their art!
 My (Laura's) Mom and Dad came by, what a treat! And Mom and Dad Baran made their own affirmation art, which delighted me! How often do we get to make art with our parents? It's such a blessing.
 Here we are with Get Your Wellness On! founder Esmeralda Signore-Noble.
"Believe in Yourself" and "The World Needs You!"
Thank you for having us back, Get Your Wellness On! We are grateful to everyone who participated in this awesome event and to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for their support.