Arts & Dreams at the Children's Museum for the Arts (CMA) Aug 3!

We were thrilled to provide an Arts & Dreams Empowering Art Workshop as guest artists at the Children's Museum of the Arts (CMA) in SoHo on August 3rd. CMA is a gorgeous mecca for kids and all things art. We were fortunate to paint "affirmation art" under a giant dream catcher, hand made by kids that week and decorated with construction paper feathers on which they wrote their dreams. During our workshop, we invited museum patrons to paint words and images depicting things they love about themselves and their lives. The purpose of making affirmation art is to empower us to feel more love for ourselves and inspire more hope for our dreams to come true, all while experiencing the joy of painting. From toddlers to grandparents, we met and painted with all ages. We loved being guest artists at CMA and we thank Jen, Jess and everyone on staff for welcoming us. Can't wait to come back! Here are some pictures of our workshop taken by our own Patricia Geremia: