Get Your Wellness On! Annual Suicide Awareness and Prevention Fair

We founded Arts & Dreams to foster feelings of hope and love in children, so they might learn to go easier on themselves and believe in their dreams. Our mission is suicide prevention through self-love, wrapped in papers and magic markers. We were thrilled to be a part of Get Your Wellness On! again this year. It's an annual suicide awareness and prevention fair in Washington Square, New York City, founded by Esmeralda Signore-Noble, who lost her son Andrew to suicide while he attended NYU. Esmeralda and Melissa Beh organize this free event for all ages to enjoy healing in the form of yoga, kung fu, Reiki, massage, dance, music, and art. Arts & Dreams had the fortune of having Dr. Liz Lasky, LCSW, PhD, at our table. Liz is a specialist in bullying, cyberbullying, teen dating violence, and relationship abuse, and our friend. We invited kids, teens and adults to make drawings of things they like about themselves and their lives, something that makes them smile and feel good. Their affirmation art was theirs to take home. We had a great day meeting new people and seeing friends. Big thank you to Matt Green for helping out and taking great pictures while Patricia Geremia was at a family wedding.