Sixth of 7 Workshops with Middle-School Youth at Red Hook Initiative: Universe Boxes

For our sixth of 7 empowering art workshop with youth at Red Hook Initiative, we introduced the concept of a universe box. A universe box can be a safe place in which to place written fears, dreams, worries and hopes. Before getting started with the art portion of the program, we talked with the group and checked in about continued use of positive affirmations and mirror work that we've been practicing in our workshops. Some students shared funny stories about receiving their self-loving Valentine's cards in the mail and their parents' reactions.

Next, in an effort to become centered and relaxed, we turned off the lights and sat in silence for 30 seconds while paying attention to our breath, inhaling and exhaling. 

The students decorated their universe boxes with acrylic paint, appliques, cut photographs and glitter. As their paint dried, we distributed colorful pieces of paper and encouraged students to write down their cares to place into their universe boxes. We explained that it is a safe place to store their important thoughts, which will help them feel more relaxed as if the universe is holding and handling their tough issues and dreams. 

We wrapped up with the mirror work exercise in which students look into their own eyes while saying something loving and kind to themselves.

Thanks, RHI, for having us back! We look forward to our final special workshop in this series of 7, next week. And thanks Patricia for the photos!