Thanksgiving Affirmation Painting Workshop

On Saturday, November 16, we hosted a Thanksgiving Affirmation Painting workshop at Alchemical Theatre Lab in NYC. 

We discussed the power of self-love, self-kindness, and thankfulness as a practice to heal and uplift. 

Patricia led a meditation, Laura gave painting instruction and everyone made acrylic paintings on canvas - personally meaningful to them. 

The paintings feature affirmations - positive, loving statements to self - and embodied the intention of inspiring their creators. 

Between painting, Patricia gave free mini-Reiki sessions that included essential oil aromatherapy and angel card readings. 

We wrapped up by talking about why we made our paintings and what they mean to us. Each of us looked at ourselves in a mirror and spoke kind words. 

We're thankful for everyone who came out! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!
~ Laura & Patricia of Arts & Dreams