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Your donation enables us to carry the message of hope and self-love to more children, teens and adults. 

Arts & Dreams is a partner project of Fractured Atlas. Donations to Fractured Atlas, a charitable organization, are eligible for charitable deductions under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Arts & Dreams
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Will help us reach more than 120 people to expand hope and self-love through creativity. 

Will cover the cost of all of our supplies: watercolor paper, canvas, paints, paint brushes, tablecloths, mixing trays, transportation, artist and facilitator fees, stickers, handouts, sharpies and palettes. 

Will cover all costs for a 2-hour Arts & Dreams workshop for 25 people. 

Will cover the cost of the beautiful extra thick watercolor paper for one workshop. 

Will cover the cost of 4 new paint brushes. 

Will enable us to buy 2 new tubes of paint.

Thank you, generous donors, for supporting Arts & Dreams:
Anonymous, Suzanne Baran Bridges, Donna Barsotti, Daniel Bober, Megan Brandt-Meyer, Thomas A. Christie, Dorothy Cunningham, Jeffrey Currier, Margaret Curry, John E. D'Amico, Edward DeAngelo, Maribel de la Torre, Jessica Eth, Michael Flood, Jane Gelfand, Pat Geremia, Sharon and Marc Gerstein, The Hay Foundation, Joan E. Jakubowski, Annie Karcinski, Carina Kleter, Lazarus Nazario, Debbie Perez, Andrea Peterson, Joanne Ratner, Joan Sapinsley, Agnes M. Simulinas, Michael Syers, Nikki E. Walker and Theola Wong