Laura Baran of Arts & Dreams at the 2:39 mark
We're publishing an illustrated Arts & Dreams book!
Balboa Press, a division of Hay House
We frequently read books during our workshops to explain the ideas of self-love and empowerment, and now we're creating our own book, which has been generously funded by our awesome supporters through a successful kickstarter campaign in June 2012. We thank our generous book donors:
Matt Green
Andrea Peterson
Michael Davis
Vivian Seidner
Agnes Goralska
Jodi Bullock
Florence Mahony
Carina Kleter
Jhonathan Free
Ben Schumaker
Sheryl Abbey
Erin Stutland
Mike Syers
Suzanne Baran
Debra Perez
Tyler Cash
Joseph Zimm
Grayson Fisher
Amy Pearlman
Will Cornell
Arie Toporovsky
Amanda Young
Carol Wilkie
Donna Grancio
Darlene Rae Heller
Nikki Walker
Jack Nowakowski
Mike Shimansky
Annemarie DiCola
Julie-Anne Lee Kinney
Joanne Czarnecki
Jack Cheevers
Kathleen Cordina
Lee Bob Black
Tara DePorte
Maria Stanley
Helen and Mike Baran
Jacqueline and Marvin Lowensteiner
Dan Bober
Grace Cangialosi
Rebekah Davis
Anja Kennedy
Pat Geremia
Allison Pierce
Donna Barsotti
Wendy Granger
Peter Pentz
Traci O'Very Covey
Bruna M. Z. Mascia
Katherine Uschmann
Chauncey Jacks
Jacquie McArdel
Margaret Curry
Elizabeth Walsh
Daniel and Maureen Lange
Elfreda Skidmore
Mae Skidmore
James Skidmore