Thank you, Ms. Pat, for this Testimonial about Arts & Dreams

"What an uplifting and fabulous day at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy when Arts & Dreams came to our school Friday, May 25th 2012. A total of 54 students attended their workshops in two different sessions. Students wanted to know if Arts & Dreams could come every Friday and they didn’t want the day to end. Most important was that their self esteem was lifted by Laura & Patricia, and how the students changed the way they think about themselves. You can see it in their artwork they made. They all walked out smiling and knowing they are beautiful no matter what. We are so grateful and feel rewarded for that special day. God Bless for the wonderful work that you do."
Ms. Pat
Financial Secretary

Divine Mercy Catholic Academy - Ozone Park, Queens, NY 

Big Ups

This is an awesome note from Miss Pat at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy, who we visited in July. Thank you, everyone at Divine Mercy, for such an inspiring time.
"I've seen a remarkable change in the students who attended Arts & Dreams in July. The program lifted their self esteem, they learned meditation, how to paint and how to love themselves and others as they are. Arts & Dreams is a program to remember. Looking forward to having Arts & Dreams come back to our school at a later date."

"Miss Pat" Geremia
Administrative Assistant
Mercy Catholic Academy

Arts & Dreams at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy in Ozone Park - July 21, 2009

Affirmation Paintings!

These are just a couple of the beautiful paintings. They were all amazing!
Here's what some of the kids had to say about the workshop:
Brandon (Grade 8):
"During summer school, I had the best time ever. The affirmations were fun to learn about. Hopefully I can get my cousin to do this also. Her birthday is coming up and she loves painting. She also wants to be an artist. I showed her the picture of mine and she wanted to do at least 3 on her walls. Thank you so much for everything."
Amanda (Grade 6):

"On July 21, 2009 Arts & Dreams came to my school. My favorite part was that I was painting. I felt happy and proud of what I did. Thank you so much for the time, I hope that you could come back again."