How to make an affirmation painting

We are thrilled to announce that our brand new book for children is here!  
Rose's Summer of Arts & Dreams tells the story of a nine year old Brooklynite named Rose who hasn't been feeling so good about herself or her dreams.
Rose's Aunt Olive comes to visit, bringing art projects and tools to show Rose how to begin practicing self love.
One of those art projects is a making an affirmation painting.
In this video, we walk you through how to make your own!
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Making an affirmation painting is its own gift. The act of creating is calming. And when we make something beautiful with a positive statement on it, it lifts us up every time we see it.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new book, we're making Rose's Summer of Arts & Dreams available on our website for only $10!

When you order now through August 10th, you'll save $3.95 from the list price of $13.95.

Use promo code "summer"

Enter the promo code "summer" at check out!

Enter the promo code "summer" at check out!

Do you use positive affirmations? Have you ever created an affirmation painting?

Please share your story. Leave a comment below!

With gratitude and love,

Laura Baran and Patricia Geremia
Co-Founders of Arts & Dreams

and Co-Authors!