How to Use a Mirror to Love Yourself

Mirrors reveal a lot about the way we think about ourselves. 

We tend to have so much negative chatter in our heads that often we don't recognize self-love over the same stream of thoughts happening, especially when we're looking in the mirror.

Looking into our own eyes and saying something loving is important. In this video we show you how to do it.

Oh, and if you can't bring yourself to say "I love you," just say "I'm willing to love you," or "Hi," with a smile.

Taking a second just once a day to say something loving into your own eyes in a mirror will help you to form a new habit of kindness and respect. 

The better we feel about ourselves, the more our lives improve. 

In our brand new book Rose's Summer of Arts & DreamsAunt Olive introduces this concept to her 9-year-old niece Rose, who has been struggling with the way she thinks about herself. 

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In the comments section, let us know if you practice saying loving words into your own eyes in a mirror.

  • Any feelings come up that you'd like to share?
  • How has your life changed since taking on his new practice of self love?

Big hugs,

Laura & Patricia