Arts & Dreams Holiday Affirmation Painting Party!

Happy holidays, everybody!
On December 14, 2012, Arts & Dreams threw our first Holiday Affirmation Painting party at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory in New York City.
There were holiday cookies, sparkling cider, and twinkling lights.
We brought some fragrances and other goodies for a free raffle.
We talked about self love. Every single person thinks thoughts that can be hurtful and often we save the cruelest ones for ourselves. And then we believe the thoughts we habitually think. All habits can be changed. Thoughts come and go. We can choose which thoughts we want to believe. And we can replace the habitual mean thoughts with sweeter ones. We spoke about the ease that arises when we treat ourselves with kindness and appreciation. Painting a loving image is a way to have fun while practicing self love.
We held a moment of silence to send healing love and light to the town of Newtown, CT. And then everyone was off, painting their own stretched canvas with a kind, loving thought and beautiful colors to beautify their home and their spirits for the season.  
Patricia gave her powerful and healing Angel Card readings.
Some gorgeous affirmation paintings emerged.
We all looked into our own eyes in Patricia's silver hand mirror and said or thought something loving to ourselves. 

We had the most wonderful time :).
Happy, healthy, love-filled Holidays to you all!