Another awesome Arts & Dreams empowering art workshop for adults!

We just wrapped up another fun Arts & Dreams empowering art workshop for adults held at Alchemical Theatre Lab on 14th Street, NYC on April 6, 2013. Together we discussed what it means to love ourselves. Laura and Patricia shared some of their experiences growing up with low self-esteem and how they began empowering themselves by using their creativity to boost their self-love. After Laura demonstrated some tips on how to paint with acrylics, everyone painted creative affirmations on their individual stretched canvas. Their art making was an opportunity to paint a phrase that resonated with them. At the end of the workshop, we went around the room and everyone talked about what inspired them to make their paintings. It was a great way to hear everyone's story - whether they were going through a break up or a new job - and the paintings became more than positive phrases. The paintings spoke to what was going on in their lives in that moment and created a connection between us all. Everyone looked into their own eyes with Patricia's silver hand mirror and said something nice to themselves. Gene-Manuel Whirling, artist and creator of The Whirling Blog shot some video testimonials that we'll post shortly. It was an awesome workshop!