Second of 7 Workshops with Youth at Red Hook Initiative: Self Portraits

We were thrilled to be back at Red Hook Initiative for our second of 7 Arts & Dreams empowering art workshops with middle-school youth as part of their after-school programming! This week, January 22, 2014, our workshop was all about how we see ourselves. We talked about what we think and say when we look in the mirror, and how we feel about ourselves. Patricia demonstrated an easy visualization and mindful breathing technique. Then we challenged the students and staff with a drawing lesson where everyone looked into their own mirror and Laura guided us on how to draw self portraits. Most of us notice what we think is wrong with our faces and bodies when we look in the mirror. We discussed how we all have the power to choose which thoughts we want to believe. If a thought doesn't feel good, we can acknowledge it, feel all the feelings associated with it, and we don't have to believe it. We all deserve that self-love that will empower us to follow our dreams. Everyone made exceptional drawings and continued to draw after the portrait lesson. Then we wrapped up by saying a positive affirmation or a simple kind word while looking into our own eyes in the mirror.


Time for silly faces!!
Photos by Patricia Geremia of PatriciaG Photos
Thank you, everyone at RHI for having us back. We're honored to share empowerment through the arts with you all. And so excited for next week!