Third of 7 Workshops with Youth at Red Hook Initiative: Positive Messages on T-Shirts

On January 29, 2014, Arts & Dreams returned to Red Hook Initiative for our third empowering art workshop in a series of seven, held after school with middle-school youth. We talked about paying attention to the words we think and say about ourselves and each other. Laura and Patricia shared their experiences with depression, self-hate and grief and the realization that we are free to make a better-feeling choice in how we think about ourselves. Patricia led the group in a calming, dreamy visualization and breathing exercise that anyone can use at any time to feel more centered and peaceful. We gave the middle-schoolers fabric paint and t-shirts. They created positive wearable messages. Their creativity rocked! We wrapped up by saying (or thinking) something nice while looking into a mirror. A quick pick-me-up that we can make into a new habit whenever we see ourselves.


Thank you, everyone at RHI, for all your help with everything and for having us share empowerment and creativity with community youth! Thanks to our Patricia Geremia of PatriciaG Photos for these pics. Next week: Gratitude Journals!