Group Kindness and Dreaming: Workshop 11 with Middle-School Youth at Red Hook Initiative

June 12, 2015 - It has been an inspiring spring of Arts & Dreams empowering art workshops with youth at Red Hook Initiative in Brooklyn, NY. With a mission to expand hope and self-love through expressive art projects, Arts & Dreams worked with middle-school and high-school stars to create empowering art that inspires confidence in their big dreams. 

For the final of 11 workshops in the after-school series, Laura and Patricia prepped posters for the middle-school young women to decorate. On one was written in glitter glue: "I AM" and on the other "I love my dream of:" and they were filled with the positive self-describing words, affirmations, and mantras that have been discussed over the course of the workshop series.

Becoming clear about what makes up our dreams, and why those dreams are important, is a key tool to help take actions towards living joyful lives of meaning. Developing a strong, compassionate, loving sense of self builds a foundation upon which to live out dreamy lives with hope.

After the group kindness and dreaming posters were filled, the young women painted affirmation art on stretched canvas to serve as visual reminders of their self-worth. Each shared with the group why they chose to paint their affirming phrases, and what they learned about themselves over the spring together.

The workshop wrapped up with Mirror Work, a tool of self-love pioneer Louise Hay, where each participant looked into a mirror and told herself "I love you, I really, really love you." 

Thank you to everyone at RHI and all of the Arts & Dreams donors for making these workshops possible! Photos by Patricia Geremia and Laura Baran