The most important thing they learned

Arts & Dreams recently wrapped an 11-week program serving youth at the Red Hook Initiative with empowering art workshops after school.

Each workshop combined a discussion about the power of choice, positive affirmations, mantras and mirror work, with creative activities.

Through projects like --

gratitude journals
affirmation paintings on stretched canvas
fabric paintings on t-shirts and tote bags

jewelry making
and more

-- high-school and middle-school youth explored art as a way to create more love for themselves and to believe in their dreams.

We asked:
"What's the most important thing you learned with Arts & Dreams?"

Students answered:

  • "To love myself"
  • "To be myself"
  • "To love you have to forgive"
  • "I'm ok"
  • "People really opened up and had self-esteem"
  • "It made me feel better and inspired"

If you're inspired, here's how to get involved:

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Book Update

The Arts & Dreams book illustrations are coming along. With only a few left to paint, we're hopeful we can pull off a finished book to use as a learning tool during workshops by early 2016! Thank you, Kickstarter donors!

Here's a peek at the latest. 


Thank you for supporting Arts & DreamsTogether we create a more hopeful, loving world!

With gratitude,
Laura Baran & Patricia Geremia
Arts & Dreams