In the studio shooting for the Arts & Dreams book

Book Update!

Hi, Laura here.

Patricia and I wrote and illustrated a children's book for Arts & Dreams empowering art workshops. It's getting close to being published!

Quick backstory - through crowd funding in 2012, we raised money to create the dream book to read to children ages 8-12 during workshops. In Arts & Dreams workshops we help them create uplifting art while learning to love themselves and believe in their dreams.  

After years of writing and re-writing, and tons more re-writing, and then a full year for me to illustrate paintings sourced by photos Patricia and I took together last summer, we finally had a great day in my studio shooting the illustrations in hi-res to submit to our publisher.

It's going to be several more months till we have a finished book in our hands (and a new baby in mine!) and with every step it's been a relief and a humbling honor to get closer and closer yet!

We will publish with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House and home to many of our favorite self-help and spirituality authors. 

Read more about our kickstarted book here.