What's the most important thing you learned in Arts & Dreams?

Arts & Dreams just completed a series of 7 empowering art workshops with middle-school youth at Red Hook Initiative!

In every workshop we explored self-love and hope through creative projects. 
Great news: The anonymous feedback we collected from RHI youth and staff after each Arts & Dreams workshop was super positive! Here's a sampling:

What's the most important thing you learned in Arts & Dreams?
  • “I am unique.”
  • “How to draw”
  • “Doing art is the most amazing thing.”
  • “To care for myself”
  • “How to love yourself”
  • “It made me feel loved.”
  • “I like that we do things to feel good about ourself.”
  • “It was mad fun. I enjoyed it very much.”
  • “I like the information, because I can use this information in every day life.”
  • “I am good at art.”
  • “That there are 7 different ways to feel good again.”
  • “Always think positive.”
  • “How not to say bad things to people”
Will you use positive affirmations/thoughts in the future?
YES 75% 
Will you say nice things to yourself when you look in the mirror?
YES 83% 
Would you like to see Arts & Dreams come back again? 
100% of students and staff said YES.

We loved working with RHI youth and were amazed at how receptive they were to new ideas and expressing their creativity! Click the links to see more.
Week 2 – Self Portraits
Week 4 – Gratitude Journals
Week 6 – Universe Boxes
Week 7 – Dream Boards